Our Cuisine
Enjoy this fine Modern Mexican Cuisine combine with a laid-back atmosphere you will encounter at our venue in the popular playa Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta. We take pride in using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local suppliers.
The spot in town where locals and foreign visitors come together to experience the
Mexican culture and elevated cuisine through our food.
El Dorado Restaurant concept is based on the authenticity of the Mexican cuisine and its culture. Making a point of using only local organic products from the region to prepare authentic Mexican dishes as they have been made and passed down generation by generation.
El Dorado Restaurant Cuisine is an elevated approached to the common yet magnificent Mexican cuisine.

Executive Chef
At the helm of El Dorado kitchen is Executive Chef Emilio, a long-time Puerto Vallarta resident who comes from well-known restaurants such as Trio, La Leche and Blanca Blue.
After more than half a decade in the kitchen, Emilio remains dedicated, focused, and true to the philosophies that guide and motivate him daily.